Who We Are

Pitch + Pivot provides problem solvers and business thinkers that fill knowledge and skills gaps that exist in the areas of sales and marketing for startups, early stage and high growth companies.

As the Founder of Pitch + Pivot, Garrett Smith provides expertise, advice, execution that drives revenue growth, new customer acquisition and organizational change for startups, early stage and transitioning companies. Acting as a consultant, advisor and executive in residence, Garrett uses his rich experience in sales, Internet marketing and business development to help bridge the knowledge and execution gap for rapid growth, high change businesses. He works directly at each level of the business to handcraft sales, business development, inbound marketing, channel, partner development and training programs that get implemented and drive results. Current client engagements include the technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, food service and professional services verticals.

Prior to starting Pitch + Pivot, Garrett was an early employee at VoIP Supply, where he led the online marketing, business development and sales efforts that grew the company from $2.5 million in sales in 2004 to $24 million in revenue, 100,000 monthly visitors and over 120,000 worldwide customers in 2013. Garrett is also the author of eight different guides to the VoIP industry that have been read by over 50,000 people. He was named one of the Top 50 most influential people in the VoIP industry and created two of the telecommunications industry’s most frequented blogs, the VoIP Insider and Smith on VoIP.

Garrett is dedicated to helping companies become more efficient and successful with a proven method of strengthening them from the inside out. Lending his extensive professional knowledge, he immerses himself in a company’s challenges and opportunities to develop strategies that will stay with them long after his time of engagement. His expertise and initiative are welcome additions to his partners and customers, while his approachable demeanor allows him to enter a diverse array of companies seeking direction. Garrett’s natural leadership and formula for action allow him to take clients from planning to execution.