Drive new customer acquisition with inbound marketing

Pitch + Pivot marketing consultants help position your company within your target markets and acquire customers through inbound marketing campaigns that fuel your sales activity.

Story + Voice

Great marketing starts with the development of an authentic story about your company, delivered in a voice that resonates with your targeted customers. Pitch + Pivot marketing consultants work closely with you to develop your unique story and identity that forms the basis of your market position, messaging and communications.

Personas + Pricing

Defining and understanding who you are targeting must be done well before you create your first marketing campaign or try to close your first deal. Pitch + Pivot marketing consultants will create detailed target customer personas that clearly define your customers and construct the ideal price points for your offerings based on these targets.

Content + Communications

Gaining trust with customers and authority within an industry comes from company messaging that slices through today’s feeds of mediocrity. Pitch + Pivot marketing consultants co-develop content; blogs, white papers, ebooks and guides that will engage customers, show your expertise, position you as a thought leader and bring business to you.

Optimization + Automation

Leveraging the latest marketing technology and methods in customer acquisition are the keys to successful cost effective customer acquisition. Pitch + Pivot marketing consultants provide expertise in search, ppc and conversion rate, plus the ability to implement marketing automation and workflows; giving you the ability to tweak the whole sales funnel.

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