How we do it

We’re not your normal consultants

Pitch + Pivot is a sales and marketing consulting firm that excels at selling the invisible, the vague, undefined, new and unknown. We work best at the start, filling the knowledge and skills gap that often exists, helping both founders and executives to get to market and gain traction faster.

We focus on sales and profits

Pitch + Pivot brings a unique set of skills and experiences that are purpose built for startup, early stage and high growth potential companies. We will work with you to create, build and develop until such time that more specialized roles and talent needs to be brought in.

We get your company moving faster

Pitch + Pivot understands that time is of the essence at the start, so we’ve designed our agency to allow you to consolidating your sales + marketing functions under one house. With less time spent managing a litany of contractors, consultants and agencies, you can focus more time on your product, customers and internal talent.

We’re problem solvers and business thinkers

Pitch + Pivot helps you develop strategies to achieve your company goals. We provide you with expertise, advice and execution delivered through consulting, training sessions and education programs; all hand crafted and custom designed specific to your company.

We don’t work with everyone

Pitch + Pivot has no interest in becoming the world’s largest sales + marketing agency. We believe what we do creates value in a way that can’t be captured at these scales. We want to work with you intensely and intimately to get predictable, repeatable results for the company and then become your trusted advisor.

We use a retainer + performance model

Pitch + Pitch uses a retainer plus performance model. We do this for two reasons. First, we want to ensure that every decision we advise you on is based on what’s best for delivering long term value to the company. Second, we know that what we do will create tremendous value for your company and lead to great success. When that happens, we’d like to share in that success with you.


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